Friday, December 28, 2007

On Wednesday we took a family trip to the FTW Zoo.
And man was it an experience!!!
Have you ever been charged by a lion?
I have!!!
Well to start it off he was grumpy! You could hear him roaring all over the zoo.
Anyway we stopped to see him he was roaring my BIL decided to roar back.

He then stopped to pose for a few shots.

Next thing I know he his charging straight at me!!

Ronnie yelled my name made me jump as soon as I snapped a pic.
Any way it made my heart race, no matter if there was a big old moat between us or not!
Well after that he just stood there, I asked him if he was tired of me taking his pic, that was when I got the one of him sticking his tongue out!

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Bonne said...

LEO!!! Love him!!