Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick peek...

This is my Tiger bamboo floor!!
Was put in yesterday. Along with the new carpet.
But I love this floor!!!
The guys who installed it freaking hated it.
When the went to put the stair cap on they had it glued in place and got the nail gun so shoot brads in to old it and it just wadded them up and spit them back out.
The stuff is so hard and dense that it won't let them penetrate.
So they ended up have to get inventive.
They drilled holes thru it, pulled it up, then got the big hammer drill out to drill in to the other piece, then cut dowls to fit those holes, then placed it all back and put screws in.
Hard work but it was worth it, even they said so.
Then again they may have just been glad to leave since it took 11 hours with a crew of 4 to do this room.

How Smurfy!

To say my dinning room is blue is an understatement!
I liked the color, can't stand white walls so this was the result!
Now do can you imagine when the cabinets are open and that chili pepper orange slaps you in the face!
But with the big off white fireplace and all my cabinets it really isn't so bad.
And specially since we have moved the furniture in there, and hung some things on the wall it really is a nice background color.

The hall, living room and pantry are all the same color.
Two lovely shades of brown, not too dark not too light.
We changed the hall light too, we took the one off the wall in the living room and just moved it around the corner. Looks good and looks good on the wallet!
And yes that orange red is the color I painted the inside of ALL my cabinets!!!
A whimsical touch to brighten it up, specially once all my colorful Tupperware is added!!!
I have another little whimsical touch I am adding as soon as they are delivered I will post those pics when I can.

The guest room

Is done!
All the way down to the plugs and switches!!
It is green with a faux rock wall.
It turned out great.
Well we still need to find curtains that will fit the windows.
Kinda hard to get the curtains I like they fit a 40" window and these are 23"
I think I shall have to make some.

January 5, 2009

On the 5th we had a day of freezing rain (the day before it was 70*)
And that is the day I discovered we have bluebirds!
I had two cute little blue devils hopping in my drive way and playing in my twisted oak.
They are just so cute!!

Hey everybody!!


My sister was nice enough to let me use her washer while she is at work so I actually have access to the internet for a few hours!!!
I know it may sound off that I have to use her washer but 28 days after purchasing my new one it crapped out on me.
Keeps saying the door is open when it is securely locked and it won't run.
LG is sending a guy out Tuesday to fix it.(Gods know that Conn's won't send anyone all they can do is lie to ya)
Any way I thought I would post a few pics of my dinning room suite I got off of eBay.
I think it was an awesome buy at $500. Seats six and looks great in the dinning room.
Which I forgot to snap a pick of before coming to my sister's.(so sue me!)
And my granny's 25th anniversary china looks spectacular in the hutch!
I have been waiting 20 years to have a place to put those dishes now I do!

Friday, January 2, 2009

just had to share this

In and Out

I just got off my phone with the phone company...I put in the disconnect order for my phone and internet! (sigh!)
So I will be on and off, I can still post from my cell but no pics.
Hopefully in a few weeks I will have my service up and running (at least in good weather!)
Take care.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

So they say what ever you do on new years is what you will be doing all year long... Well it looks as if I will be painting and do laundry all year!
but at least we now have the front bedroomCOMPLETELY done, living room is waiting flooring, kitchen has gotten new color on the ceikings trim and all cabinets.
How we found time to go eat lunch with my sister for her birthday I do not know.
Tomorrow we move in!!!