Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photos of how we left the old house.

We took every window and door out of the house

And some of the brick off the outside too. Some frineds came in and ripped all the interior walls out for the wood and took the hard wood floor out too.
This is where the garage was, but we took it. Now hubby is thinking of calling the city and complaining about the how tall the county let the grass grow. Anything over 4" is a code violation. LOL we just think it would be funny.

my sewing/craft room before

And after, we are still looking for some kind of compromise on the flooring. I want one thing hubby wants another. Men!?!

Hubby's barter

Ronnie traded this MGTD kit car with out the motor for this

a all original Willy's pick up complete!

I recovered the dinning room chairs.


and After

My new kitchen island

some pics from April

The tree we cut down to make way for the garage, but at least we got some good oak firewood out of it!

hot air balloon as if you couldn't tell

Pictures from this weekend

This is the rat snake we found yesterday in the back yard.

This is the scorpion from the bedroom Friday night, after I let it loose in the backyard

and this is the Mississippi Kite hanging out in the front yard.
I didn't get a pic of the hummingbird. But the feeder is out so maybe later I can.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


One of the rat snakes from this morning

Between the Swainson'shawks, goshawk, rat snakes, bull snakes, rabbits, possums, scorpions and now a Mississippi Kite. It feels like we are living in our own little zoo!

Just found 2, 5 foot rat snakes in the backyard. Took some pictures then let them in find a new place to hide. Unless they are poisonous or in my house we let them be. Rather have them out there taking care of vermin that having the vermin move in the house and us run the risk of the dogs catching a poisoned mouse. I have had that happen before and its not good. Besides they were at the very back of the property not next to the house.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its been a really long day so we decided to go to bed early. Hubby is in the shower. I am sitting on the edge of the bed i decide to get up and turn the light off and what do i nearly step on a 3 inch long scorpion! And of course i have no bug spray in the house. That does it i am calling the Orkin man! I have had it 1 scorpion and 3 black widows. I'm done. Not to mention the camelback crickets.

OMG! Ok i spent a week when we moved in scrubbing the master shower. I don't think the former owners ever cleaned it. I mean Scrubbing Bubbles didn't know what to do with it. But at least Ajax and the water hose did. Any way now i have get out the bleach and do it all over again since the plumbing decided to hiccup on us. The toilet decide to back up into the shower. It could've been worse(not by much) it could've just over flowed and sam into the bedroom carpet. So hz guess i should be happy with the lesser of two evils. But went know what it's still freakin' evil.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just call me Slash

First off on monday morning i was bagging the trash when i step on the towel bar laying in the floor that i was going to throw in the trash. And cut my big toe DEEP. Deep enough that i got the nerve because i now can't feel the tip. Then this morning i was washing up the coffee cups Ronnie brought in from his truck. That way all the dishes would be done when i came home from work. Sounded like a good plan. But little did i know when he plopped them in the sink that it cracked a handle and when i picked it up to wash, the handle would fly off leaving a razor sharp piece sticking out to slice through the palm of my hand. Leavine a two inch gash that needs stitches. But me get stitches, only if a limb is going to fall off with out them. Its all butterflied up and wrapped in vet wrap. I just want to know will this week ever end?

I made the best homemade brownies yesterday. I have one true baking talent and that is the ability to make kick ass brownies. They were doctored by putting some of my Pampered Chef Sweet Caramel Sprinkles in a layer in the middle. It turned out very good. It really turned down the fudgeiness of them and every few bites you get a hint of a toffee like flavor. Then when Ronnie got home we painted the cabinets, selves and trim in the craft room. I am hoping tonight we can get the ceiling fan up. That will give us some light. We are not putting the old single light back up. Instead we are putting the one from that was in our bedroom. It has four lights, that should give me plenty of light in there especially since the room colors will be so much lighter too. Them all we will have to do is save up for the new flooring since it is just pitted concrete. I think i willy try painting it then putting a clear coat on it for now so it looks better nice i mean its not like we don't we have the paint. I am getting excited the closer we get. I haven't had all my craft stuff in one house let alone one room before. I mean my fabric stash has been at my MIL'S for the past two years.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My former navy blue room. This is with the primer only.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Well the weekend has came and went. Didn't get as much done to the craft room as i hoped. Hubby had to work Saturday so that just left us with one day to paint. Our paint sprayer is very tempermental so i don't use it. I leave that to hubby. So now our former navy blue room is stark white with an oyster ceiling since that was as far as we got in painting. Which is fine since i haven't decide which color of left over paint to use. We decided to use the left over paint from when we painted the rest of the house, to save money and make more space in the linen closenet. I am leaning more towards the greens than the browns. Mainly because the room tends to be on the dark side and the greens i have are light and airy. I am hoping that Ronnie will spray the cabinets and shelves for me tomorrow night so i can get the walls done Wednesday when i am off and start unpacking this weekend.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I sent all day yesterday cleaning and moving bedroom furniture. I got our queen size bed out of my craft room and into the front room. Ket me just say i never want to have to move that monster by myself buds again. Now this weekend i have to finish emptying out the craft room so we can start painting. Them i can start unpacking all my crafty crap. I am just keep getting closer and closer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back at work today. Kids are back in school after swine flu closure. Which means we actually have more kids since some parents kept them out of day care. Anyway... I need to find a place that has some cheap cedar poles so I can start fencing off my garden spots. I am thinking of using cedar poles and chicken wire not only will it keep the dogs out but the stray rabbit that may get past the dogs. Plus if I can get hubby to but down some of our cedars, that we both are allergic to, it would kill two birds with one stone, and save some cash. It's just that I am chomping at the bit to get started on the garden, so any progress will be good progress.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rolling down the river

So today we went canoeing with hubby's brother and his wife. It's tiger 10th anniversary and they wanted the four of up to go. We took a 10 mile trip down the Brazos river. We fished, cooked out and had a ball. Everyone but my brother-in-law caught some fish. Final total was 2 catfish, 2 drum. And 3 sand bass. We didn't keep any. We saw more snakes in the water than we could count. But all but one was from a safe distance and that one ended up being sacred off by us. We are beat. Nine hours on the river I am ready for bed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

back to some normality

I have synced my phone with my Blog. I can send pics too. So at least i have some way to keep this thing updated until i can find a fast and affordable internet service.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Me and Corbin

My past weekend

This past weekend here was the Texaqs Frightmare Weekend, it is a horror movie convention.
You get to meet your favorite stars, watch cool movies and hang out with other horror movie freaks like yourself.
This was my second year to go and it was a blast.
This time we spent the weekend at the hotel that was hosting it.
And I have to admit it is kinda cool stepping in the elevator with an actor you admire.
Any way this year they had loads of great people there, the ones that really stick out in my mind(the ones I met) was William Forsythe(The Rock, Devils Rejects, Stone Cold), super cool guy. Karen Black(Triology of Terror, Burnt Offerings, Airport 74), she still gives me the creeps! Marylin Burns(the lone survivor of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre) she is SO tiny. Terri McMinn(meat hook girl from the original Tesas Chainsaw Massacre), Corbin Bernson(L.A. Law, The Dentist, Psyche)very down to earth and real sweet heart and last but not least Linda Blair(The Excoersist)She is really cool talked a long time with us about our dogs, she runs a dog sanctuary in Northern California.
We saw some cool movies Laid To Rest a gory slasher flick, highly recomend it if you like that type, Pathogen, written and directed by a 12 year old girl from Austin, great campy B-movie, can't wait to see her newwst one The Retelling,she is now 16. iMurders is a pretty good who done it with a bit of blood, not much. More of a murder mystery than a horror flick.
Any way that is how I spent my past weekend.