Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just call me Slash

First off on monday morning i was bagging the trash when i step on the towel bar laying in the floor that i was going to throw in the trash. And cut my big toe DEEP. Deep enough that i got the nerve because i now can't feel the tip. Then this morning i was washing up the coffee cups Ronnie brought in from his truck. That way all the dishes would be done when i came home from work. Sounded like a good plan. But little did i know when he plopped them in the sink that it cracked a handle and when i picked it up to wash, the handle would fly off leaving a razor sharp piece sticking out to slice through the palm of my hand. Leavine a two inch gash that needs stitches. But me get stitches, only if a limb is going to fall off with out them. Its all butterflied up and wrapped in vet wrap. I just want to know will this week ever end?

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