Thursday, May 21, 2009

I made the best homemade brownies yesterday. I have one true baking talent and that is the ability to make kick ass brownies. They were doctored by putting some of my Pampered Chef Sweet Caramel Sprinkles in a layer in the middle. It turned out very good. It really turned down the fudgeiness of them and every few bites you get a hint of a toffee like flavor. Then when Ronnie got home we painted the cabinets, selves and trim in the craft room. I am hoping tonight we can get the ceiling fan up. That will give us some light. We are not putting the old single light back up. Instead we are putting the one from that was in our bedroom. It has four lights, that should give me plenty of light in there especially since the room colors will be so much lighter too. Them all we will have to do is save up for the new flooring since it is just pitted concrete. I think i willy try painting it then putting a clear coat on it for now so it looks better nice i mean its not like we don't we have the paint. I am getting excited the closer we get. I haven't had all my craft stuff in one house let alone one room before. I mean my fabric stash has been at my MIL'S for the past two years.

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