Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its been a really long day so we decided to go to bed early. Hubby is in the shower. I am sitting on the edge of the bed i decide to get up and turn the light off and what do i nearly step on a 3 inch long scorpion! And of course i have no bug spray in the house. That does it i am calling the Orkin man! I have had it 1 scorpion and 3 black widows. I'm done. Not to mention the camelback crickets.

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Theresa said...

Wow girl. Sounds like you could use some calgon time. Maybe just need to slow down a bit and smell the roses. Scorpions in the house are scary. We had one in here when we first moved in and it had me trapped on the toilet with my pants down. Imagin how funny that looked with my legs in the air hollaring for steven..tee hee

Trina said...

Uh that was me with a cricket the other night. We have HUGE camelback crickets, not sure if that is the correct name but, they are like an inch and half long, legs like a grasshopper and really high jumpers. On the plus side they don't sing all night long in the house. I am so gonna have to call the exterminator.