Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Christmas gift

Hopefully no one sees this! LOL
I am making this for a gift, complete with shams and pillow cases,
I am taking it to KY for it to be quilted, I can get it done so much cheaper there even with the cost of shipping added in.
Anyway I hope it is well recieved when the recipient gets it in a few months.
I had fun making it on my new Rocketeer!

Don't you just love my yellow bed!
I got the whole bedroom suit for $99
Some folks laugh at my vintage yellow bedroom suite but I laugh at them for forking out so much for the new stuff that isn't even solid wood!

Hubby's quilt

I made this for Ronnie for Christmas last year, just now getting around to taking pics.
He loves his 55 Chevy Gypsy so when I saw this fabric I had to make it for him.
I sent it to my cousin in KY who machine quilts to finish it up for me.
It is quilted in the exact color of his 55.
He loves it, He wants it on the bed all the time.
Never mind have a new comforter for it!

So much going on...

It has been a busy few weeks.
Hubby has been to the doc and goes back tomorrow for test.
He bought me a uber sweet ride. My sweet Delilah, 1963 Cadillac hearse/ambulance or is that ambulance/hearse?
Any way, I have a new great niece, Keeli Ryan
she is gonna be something else!
I have been trying to get ready for my road trip to KY, we leave out on Friday and will be back Wednesday.

I am gonna post a few pics of projects past and my most recent.