Monday, April 21, 2008

The lake

We got the boat fixed up, and decided to take it out yesterday for a test run.
And we decided to take the dogs!
(with 150 pounds of dog I am glad we have a 20 foot boat!)

Baby has been on the boat before, she loves it.

It was Mojo's first trip, he was a little unsure at first but in the end he loved it too! 

We stopped for them to have a pee break and Baby decided she needed a drink.

And on the way back to the dock hubby opened her up and I enjoyed watching Mojo's ears flapping int he wind(his lips do to but I wasn't able to get a shot of that I was laughing way to hard)

Eggbert back home.

We got him back a week ago now.
I am so glad to have him home.
Sounds silly I know but I just love my little car!
And he looks great except for the eight, count them, eight scratches on my passenger side window.
They range from six inches long to one inch.
Hubby said it is from where they put the old window back into the new door, and they dropped into the door.
Him being an old glass installer himself I would have to belive him, because it was either that or they had an eight toed bear in my car that decided to claw the window.

Up to now...

I have been working a lot, planted some herbs that I picked up at the local herb garden.
I bought the following...

  1. 2 lavenders (my others got root rot from our way to wet summer last year)
  2. 2 rosemarys
  3. 2 fennels a bronze and a plain
  4. 2 thymes an english and a verigated lemon  
I also lost my curry plant so I am on the look out for another one of those.
I don't have an actual herb garden just half of my front lawn, I threw out some clover seeds one year, then last year I covered it in a varity of seeds and now I added some herbs, it grows like a tangeled mess but I like it , the wildness of it, the free glow of it.
I don't know I just like how it is kaotic yet beautiful.
I need to get some pics of it. Here is a shot from last year.
And I have this killer set of wagon wheels, well actually it's the entire axle.
Hubby found it on the side of the highway in a ditch when he was at work so he loaded it onto the flat bed semi he was driving. Luckily he had just unloaded.
I need to get some more pics of it but I did find this one from 2005.
That was when I first planted it with clover that is what all the green stuff you see is.

4-11-5 e
We had a Mimosa tree(the little stump there witht he dish on it) and it kept all the grass from growing there so after we cut it down I decided to grow plants instead. Plus it cuts mowing time way down!

Monday, April 7, 2008


To make it stand,
you wet it !
To make it wet,
you suck it !
To make it stiff,
you lick it !
To get it in,
You push it!

Damn !!!!!!!
Threading a needle when you're older is a BITCH!


Eggbert is home!!

I finally got my car out of the body shop!!
He is so happy to be home, and I am happy to have him home.
I forgot how bad it sucks to be with out a ride.
Having to depend on the kindness of others wears thin after a month of asking for rides places.
Or just being able to get in and go for a drive out in the country.