Monday, April 21, 2008

Up to now...

I have been working a lot, planted some herbs that I picked up at the local herb garden.
I bought the following...

  1. 2 lavenders (my others got root rot from our way to wet summer last year)
  2. 2 rosemarys
  3. 2 fennels a bronze and a plain
  4. 2 thymes an english and a verigated lemon  
I also lost my curry plant so I am on the look out for another one of those.
I don't have an actual herb garden just half of my front lawn, I threw out some clover seeds one year, then last year I covered it in a varity of seeds and now I added some herbs, it grows like a tangeled mess but I like it , the wildness of it, the free glow of it.
I don't know I just like how it is kaotic yet beautiful.
I need to get some pics of it. Here is a shot from last year.
And I have this killer set of wagon wheels, well actually it's the entire axle.
Hubby found it on the side of the highway in a ditch when he was at work so he loaded it onto the flat bed semi he was driving. Luckily he had just unloaded.
I need to get some more pics of it but I did find this one from 2005.
That was when I first planted it with clover that is what all the green stuff you see is.

4-11-5 e
We had a Mimosa tree(the little stump there witht he dish on it) and it kept all the grass from growing there so after we cut it down I decided to grow plants instead. Plus it cuts mowing time way down!

2 great opinions:

Bonne said...

I wonder if Rosemary survives the winter in TX. If I want it year to year here, I have to remember to dig it up and pot it inside~too tender for the winter temps.
Some easy ones that survive well year after year for me are oregano, sage, lemon balm & catnip(spreads like mints though). Good luck with all your new herbies. ;)

Trina said...

They can stand the winter here.