Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Christmas gift

Hopefully no one sees this! LOL
I am making this for a gift, complete with shams and pillow cases,
I am taking it to KY for it to be quilted, I can get it done so much cheaper there even with the cost of shipping added in.
Anyway I hope it is well recieved when the recipient gets it in a few months.
I had fun making it on my new Rocketeer!

Don't you just love my yellow bed!
I got the whole bedroom suit for $99
Some folks laugh at my vintage yellow bedroom suite but I laugh at them for forking out so much for the new stuff that isn't even solid wood!

3 great opinions:

Bonne said...

Thanks for posting pics!! (unlike me, I let my blog go into
Love it!!

Tribal Horse Designs said...

trina .that is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

Tribal Horse Designs said...

that is a beautiful quilt :) LOVE The bed too!!!!!!