Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My past weekend

This past weekend here was the Texaqs Frightmare Weekend, it is a horror movie convention.
You get to meet your favorite stars, watch cool movies and hang out with other horror movie freaks like yourself.
This was my second year to go and it was a blast.
This time we spent the weekend at the hotel that was hosting it.
And I have to admit it is kinda cool stepping in the elevator with an actor you admire.
Any way this year they had loads of great people there, the ones that really stick out in my mind(the ones I met) was William Forsythe(The Rock, Devils Rejects, Stone Cold), super cool guy. Karen Black(Triology of Terror, Burnt Offerings, Airport 74), she still gives me the creeps! Marylin Burns(the lone survivor of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre) she is SO tiny. Terri McMinn(meat hook girl from the original Tesas Chainsaw Massacre), Corbin Bernson(L.A. Law, The Dentist, Psyche)very down to earth and real sweet heart and last but not least Linda Blair(The Excoersist)She is really cool talked a long time with us about our dogs, she runs a dog sanctuary in Northern California.
We saw some cool movies Laid To Rest a gory slasher flick, highly recomend it if you like that type, Pathogen, written and directed by a 12 year old girl from Austin, great campy B-movie, can't wait to see her newwst one The Retelling,she is now 16. iMurders is a pretty good who done it with a bit of blood, not much. More of a murder mystery than a horror flick.
Any way that is how I spent my past weekend.

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