Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time for the monthly update...

Ok we have our dumpster, as of last week! YIPPEE!!!
And we got them most awesome kitchen island. It was on sale $300 off. Now we just have to put the money back into our floor fund! LOL
But this sucker is MASSIVE!! 52" X 57" and then it has a kids table that pulls out and then the measurement is 57"X 89" and it has six barstools that go with it.
Three tall ones and three short ones for the kids table.
My little wren family moved off. I SO have to post pics of the nest. Wrens crack me up when it comes to nesting sites.
My iris are blooming, they came with the house.
The wild blackberries are coming along good, looks like quite bit of berries if I can keep them from the birds. Oh and we have mulberry trees!! So it looks like I get to attempt some mulberry jam.
Thats it for now just a quick post.
I should beable to do more since I have now set up to post via my phone.
Until then ... have a great spring.

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