Monday, May 18, 2009

Well the weekend has came and went. Didn't get as much done to the craft room as i hoped. Hubby had to work Saturday so that just left us with one day to paint. Our paint sprayer is very tempermental so i don't use it. I leave that to hubby. So now our former navy blue room is stark white with an oyster ceiling since that was as far as we got in painting. Which is fine since i haven't decide which color of left over paint to use. We decided to use the left over paint from when we painted the rest of the house, to save money and make more space in the linen closenet. I am leaning more towards the greens than the browns. Mainly because the room tends to be on the dark side and the greens i have are light and airy. I am hoping that Ronnie will spray the cabinets and shelves for me tomorrow night so i can get the walls done Wednesday when i am off and start unpacking this weekend.

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