Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick peek...

This is my Tiger bamboo floor!!
Was put in yesterday. Along with the new carpet.
But I love this floor!!!
The guys who installed it freaking hated it.
When the went to put the stair cap on they had it glued in place and got the nail gun so shoot brads in to old it and it just wadded them up and spit them back out.
The stuff is so hard and dense that it won't let them penetrate.
So they ended up have to get inventive.
They drilled holes thru it, pulled it up, then got the big hammer drill out to drill in to the other piece, then cut dowls to fit those holes, then placed it all back and put screws in.
Hard work but it was worth it, even they said so.
Then again they may have just been glad to leave since it took 11 hours with a crew of 4 to do this room.

3 great opinions:

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

it is beautiful!!!!!!! i bet it will last several lifetimes !

Trina said...

We are hoping it will!

Bonne said...

I've never heard of this wood being available as flooring! It's going to be fabulous~your whole house is just coming together so beautifully.:)