Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More color from my garden...

And this is my makeshift trellis. It is a tailgate from a trailer.
Hubby found it in a bunch of crap that someone gave him, and it fits the spot perfect.
And I have tons of recycled stuff like that in my garden, the wagon wheels, the buckets that have no bottoms that I have lemon balm in, an old chair back for my rose trellis.

My little flower garden.
I have zinnias, larkspur, lavender, rosemary, turks caps, thyme, and so many more that I can't even remember.

Close up of wagon wheel.

Close up of the Larkspur

I an not sure what kind of flower this is. It is the same size as a forget-me-not but I know that it's not that.

This is my grandfathers tiger lilly. Well more like the great great great offspring of it.

Close up of lilly.

2 great opinions:

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

your flowers are so pretty! Love the trellis from the tail gate. I need to figure out something to use for rest of the beans i need to plant still.With prices rising on everything gardens will be coming in handy

Trina said...

I have used old fishing poles in the past to make a teepee type trellis. They worked out great.
And they were uber cheap.I found a bundle of 8 at a yard sale for $4!
Some where broke but that didn't matter for what I was wanting them for.