Thursday, June 19, 2008

My weekend in hell...

Well some of you knew I was going to Kentucky for my family reunion this past weekend.
Fun was had by all but it was not with out it's own little events.
For starters when we left here on Friday everything was doing great we made great time even thru the ran that hit us all thru the state of Tennessee. We go to get off of interstate 65 and on to Natcher Parkway when we start fishtailing. We go in one direction then change and nearly hit a huge light pole then change again then there is another light pole, we go back and forth until finally we slide sidways and then backwards down a rather steep embankment and when we come to stop my car decided it wanted to try to roll over! Luckily it didn't make but both passenger tires came off the ground. So then there we are doing a bit of off roading to find a less steep path to get back up on the road. When we get up there some one else did the same thing and they took out one of the light poles.
We finally make it to town and stop to get gas, that was when we noticed that the front clip wasn't tucked under the hood no more, no  the hood was tucked under the front clip!
The little plastic clips came off , not to mention all  the gravel and grass that was stuck in between my rims and the tires.

We make it to my aunt's cabin and my cousin in law( I guess that is what you call him) put some zip ties on it so we wouldn't lose my front clip when we came back home.
Well from then on it was pretty uneventfull, that is until we decided to come home on Tuesday.
We get litterally five miles from my granny's when the world's largest raccoon runs out in front of the car and we hit it. Thought nothing of if,car drove fine and all, then when we get to the top of a hill the temperature light comes on and we pull over at the church. When we get out we can smell antifreeze. We call my aunt she comes gets us and brings a flashlight and there it is, my grill has been caved in and parts sticking in my radiator. I then call my hubby Ronnie and he leaves work (oh and he hasn't slept since 1p.m. Monday morning) to come and get us and the car. So we go back to granny's and wait. Ronnie shows up around 6p.m. and we load up the car that is when he notices the radiator is busted, the head light is broke and the core support is bent, not to mention the destroyed front clip. But on the good note if the raccoon had been two inches taller it would have set off the airbags and we more than likely would have hit a tree.

So we finally head out Wednesday morning the three of us (Ronnie, my sis Mary and me) all in the cab of our dodge truck that has a car hauling bed on it (oh and did I mention it is a single cab?) for the 12-14 hour drive back home.
Needless to say we shall NEVER EVER EVER drive back to Kenutcky in our own cars, if we can't fly we shall rent a car!!!
As I type this now I am waiting for the insurance adjuster to come out and let me know about my car and he shall go back in the shop for the second time in four months.
My poor poor Eggbert I mean first an Excursion hits him in March now a killer raccoon!!!
It isn't meant for me to own a nice car.
That is what the gods are telling me at least it feels that way.

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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

that is so awful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you all are ok though !!!!!!!

Bonne said...

BUMMER!!! Egbert...he's had a rough go of it.
Yeah, renting sounds like a great idea.