Saturday, August 16, 2008

I finally did it!!

It's not pretty, it's shaped like an ameboe but dammit it's all mine!!!
I still need to find out why my sides are all wavey but who cares. I can finally do something more than a chain!!!

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Mom2fur said...

Don't worry, a lot of my crochet looks like amoebas, too. I love to make dishcloths and find that I have to be very careful to count the stitches in each row. If I don't, what starts with 20 stitches ends up with 15, LOL! But I keep those 'amoebas.' The dishcloths work just fine whether or not they are 'beautiful.'
You might have fun with the site There are lots of free crochet projects there!

Bonne said...

OMG!! Now I can send you patterns!!! Not that I can make them either, but they are used as "inspiration"!! lol

Awesome Trina!!!

Bonne said...

Oh, and you just needed a bigger hook for the worsted weight cotton yarn. Too much yarn was packed into too small a space and caused the waves. Try H or I

Trina said...

i found i like K
and they say size doesn't matter! LOL