Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our house guest

One of the baby buns we rescued from the dogs. There are three. I am waiting for the bunny rescue to call this morning so i can take them to them.

2 great opinions:

Theresa said...

aww.. why dont the dogs know not to attack the babies we love. my jack russell found a nest of them too.. i was so mad at her but i guess its their nature. im glad you saved them.

Dawn Dutton said...

How wonderful! A bunny rescue. I had some baby bunnies a few years ago that someone gave to me to care for. They had run over the Mom bunny. I was able to raise all 5 and return them to the wild. I don't know of any service around here that would take care of them. Thank you for sharing your bunny photos. It brought me back some happy memories. Dawn