Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting ready for the 1st

This weekend has been a busy one around the pondarossa.
Hubby washing, taping and painting Dedemona (check out the pic ) getting her ready for the Shock Rod and Hearse car show at Texas Frightmare Weekend this coming Saturday.
I will already be up there, I am staying the weekend and enjoying all the festivities at TFW, the movies, the V.I.P. party with the stars, all of it!
I am SO glad hubby is taking Dessie up there we should win something (maybe) last year two of their categories was "most likely to survive the zombie horde" and "most likely to star in a B-movie". Just look at her she should take at least one of those home!
Plus we have been mowing and weedeating and yet it looks like nothing has been done. All this rain we keep getting keeps it growing like mad!
My roses I got from Hubby's nanny's place when she passed last July are all budding if not blooming! I am very surprised since they laid out in the sun for a week and a half no dirt or water on the roots until we planted. But good old heirloom roses are hard to kill.
I need to find some boards to make some raised beds. Trying to find them for free but no luck.
Gonna keep looking. But I did get 4 tomato plants in the ground, they were leftover from my mom's little flowerbed garden she is trying out. No idea what kind so it will be a surprise if they make it.
I still have no sewing room so no crafty stuff happening due to that room is still a rental for our roommate and because of that I haven't been able to unpack my crafty boxes.(going nuts from lack of crafting!!) But on the upside, after the before mentioned car show I get to redecorate the car!!! New curtains, paint, ceiling, and seat covers! We are gonna try to hit the Hearsecon in Englewood, CO in June. So now I get to make a little redneck, horror home on wheels. This could be very interesting to say the least! I think a revisit to my Texas Chainsaw Massacre DVD may be needed for some inspiration. LOL
I haven't even really been in the mood to get my camera out! I don't know what is wrong with me. I've just been kinda Meh! I am gonna have to start forcing myself to get out and do something. Besides I have loads to do to turn my yard into someplace I would want to be.

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