Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm a Real Basket Case

My vintage funky purse collection grows!
I love these little BoHo basket purses.
I keep my hair products and brushes and make up in them in the bathroom,
Cute and usefull!

My smallest one (and biggest investment in basket purses $6) is this Holly Hobby one. It is unlined.

This one was created by a decoupage demon! It has everything on it, S&H green stamp, Hawaiian Punch dude, birds, flowers you name it and it is on it pretty much.
Even a penny!
This is actually the worse of the bunch it needs new felt on the bottom, the hinges are sprung, the lining is worse for wear and the mirror replaced since it is missing.
But I love it just the same and for $1 the price couldn't be beat.

My mom got me this one,($2) which I thought was kinda funny since the list is inscribed "made for mom"
It has Nieman Marcus, Hilton and various other stores around Houston I am assuming since it has the Astrodome on the top.
This one has a penny on the top too.
Any clue as to why so many of these have them?

So all together I have $7 in my basket purse collection and they ususally sell from $10-$80.
I think I am doing good!
Plus the thrill of the hunt when I go to thrift shops, yard sales, estate sales, and antique stores is so great.

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