Thursday, January 17, 2008

My new project

My best friend is getting married on March 15th .
And she has been bugging me for years to make her a quilt so I am making her a wedding quilt in her favorite colors.
And the backing is going to be that bright plush red you see all the cotton laying on.
It shall be the loudest and comfiest quilt ever!
Now the only thing I have to say is the bitch had better not been lying when she said red and purple was her favorite colors!
I have no pattern, just some squares and an idea.
But then I never use a pattern when I make a quilt, i usually have an idea and then I just rip the fabric and sew it together until I am happy with it.
I will keep y'all posted as I progress with this baby.

2 great opinions:

Bonne said...

Whoo hooo!! Loud is good~she'll love it. Or she had better!!! B

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

that is goona be a cool quilt. I like red and purple together. They are also colors for the "red hat society" girls.