Friday, February 22, 2008


I haven't been the least bit crafty!
I haven't held needle, thread and fabric since Sunday night!
But I have been busting ass to get the house packed up.
I sleep from 4AM until 11PM then I get up cook breakfast for hubby, then start dinner at 4.
So he can go be at work at 6PM.
That is when I start getting busy doing my thing. Packing!
We have window guys coming next weekend and I have to have everything 3 feet away from the windows.
And since we shall be painting and installing new floors and ceilings after we get windows I am packing everything up and putting it in the storage shed out back.(well I pack, load down the kitchen table with boxes, and hubby puts them in the shed)
Hopefully after the windows are put back in I can finish the quilt I started, I have to find time to finish the wall hanging for a trade. Shit need to see when that one has to be sent off.

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