Friday, February 15, 2008


With the week we have had I am glad it is the weekend!!!
I get a phone call on Wednesday morning at 6, it was hubby calling from work, (he usually gets off work at that time) we had the following conversation...

HUBBY: hey sweetie what are you doing
ME: sleeping, but fixing to get up and get ready for work, what are you doing?
HUBBY: nothing I just got hit by a truck
HUBBY:i said i just got hit by a truck
ME: what kind?
HUBBY:a pick up
ME: what was you in? (he is truck driver so i didn't know if it was his truck or a work truck)
HUBBY:a chair
ME: a what?
HUBBY:a chair in the break room
ME: what the fuck happened!?!?! are you ok?
HUBBY:i was sitting in the break room having a cup of coffee before i came home and the dispatcher's wife drove thru the wall and hit me, her brakes failed, i am fine just sore.

Needless to say it scared the shit out of me!
Oh and the good part they sent HIM to the doc for a pee test!!!
He was the victim!!!
Not that I thought he would fail it (i don't see that happening ever!)
Just the matter of principle that the victim have to be tested!
Any way he had X-rays done and nothing broke just bruised and tight.
But man I never want to be woke up like that again!

Here a few pics he took of the scene.
The lockers on the floor went under him as he went across the room!

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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

geez!!!!!!!! So glad he was ok !!!