Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here's Mojo...

Ok when I saw this pic it reminded me of that scene in The Shinning with jack Nicholson.
Maybe it's just me, or it could be that Halloween is tomorrow, and I am ready for a horror movie fest at my sister's.
Any way tomorrow my sweet baby boy Mojo will be one. And right now I am worried about him. He is having surgery today. He is getting nuetured. Hell of away to celebrate a birthday!(hubby says he is worried what I have planned for his in March!LOL)
He gets to come home tomorrow evening.

2 great opinions:

Bonne said...

AWwww......what a cutie!
He'll be a nicer pet now. Generally curbs their "escape" desire plus they don't feel the need to pee on everything in sight during walks.

Trina said...

The funny thing is he was never like that.
But we have noticed that it knocked his aggression level down.
Which is what we was looking for.
It's not that he is a mean dog but when he plays he gets ROUGH!
Our other dog would get pissed and run off to get away from him.
But not so much this past week.
And when he greats hubby at the door, he doesn't leave marks.( he is very mouthy to hubby because hubby let him do it as a pup and now at 82.5 pounds there is a bit more pressure, but he only does it to him and no one else)