Sunday, October 5, 2008

More adventures in crochet

So I got tired of doing dish cloths, still haven't learned any new stitches just the basic single crochet.
So I decided to make gauntlets.
It is all single crochet, but I did have to to learn slip stitch to do the cuffs(which was taught over the phone!)
I like these the last dark blue pair are for my mom. They are made out of the softest suede yarn by Lion Brand! Love that stuff, love it even more when you can get it at Big Lots for $1.50!!!
All of these are just made out of left over yarn from my stash.
I have a ton from when I used to make dammit dolls.

3 great opinions:

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I love the fingerless gloves too !! I made some last winter and now i am addicted to them. Love the colors.

Bonne said...

Beautiful job! these are great to wear during cold months when your hands get achy from "over-crocheting", yet allows you to keep on working. lol Yes, it DOES happen. B

Trina said...

Well as sad as it sounds I may have just turned 35 in July but I think I am getting arthritis in my left hand.
I suppose I have my dad to thank for that.
But at least with these it keeps it warm and the crochet and embroidery keep it excersised and loose.