Tuesday, December 16, 2008

changes are coming

We got our beautiful French Provencal(sp?) Dinning room suite. It has table 6 chairs, hutch and a buffet. It was made in the 50's and we make owners number 3.We had to drive an hour one way to get it but well worth the $500 it cost and the time to load. Gotta love eBay!
We are now shopping for carpet and paint. Hopefully by friday we will have the colors picked out and some new paint on the walls.
Oh and the washer/dryer combo will be delivered then. No more lugging heavy stincky baskets of dirty laundry around town. I have been do that for 10 years.
We already have two coats of paint/sealer on the concrete floor in the cat room, two more coats to go,then we are putting various carpeted shelves at all sorts of angles and levels so they have tons of places to climb and perch. We are also planning on installing what hubby calls "kitty stripper poles" poles that go from floor to cieling and wrapped in sisal rope for them to climb. I am planning on putting nesting box type perches on those.Not to mention the cool kitty toys I have made and bought for them to roll around on the floor with. So by the time I get done with that room I will probably want to move in there with them.
As soon as the floor and paint in all the house is done we are moving in.

3 great opinions:

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

you will have such happy kitties !!!

Bonne said...

Oh boy, that kitty room will be a sight to see. Spoiled little urchins.....Craigslist is another good source for home improvement goodies as you probably already know. ;) B

Trina said...

yeah hubby lives on that site!
he is on it all the time looking for anything free he can get and can either sell or use.