Thursday, December 25, 2008

T'was the night before Christmas...

and we all ended up at the ER!
No shit, the ER.
We had a great dinner, sat down to watch the kids unwrap their gifts when all of a sudden the front porch burst into flames!
Hubby, his brother,nephew in law and cousin in law all bolt out the door and get the water hose after it. Then they started ripping it apart with hammers and dosing it some more.
I grab two dogs and everyone bales out the backdoor, along with dog #3.
The guys get the porch out before it ever touched the house or the either of the fire departments show up.
They ended up taking my MIL to the ER due to her heart, they thought she might have been having a heart attack due to her health problems.
They take her in the ambulance, we left after they did and we still beat it to the hospital!
By the time we get to go back and see her she is feeling no pain.
Three nitros and a moraphine shot will do that to a person.
Anyway her doc came in said the test showed no cardiac episode, but they were going to keep her for observation and more test incase she had a tiny infarction.
So now me and hubby are off to my mom's waiting for his mom to call us and let us know what is going on.
Let's just say it ended up being a Christmas we all shall never forget.

2 great opinions:

Bonne said...

Christ!!! I'm hoping this is at your OLD house!!!! Don't want to hear about baptism by fire to the NEW one! Well, hope the rest of the day goes OK for you all. What a holiday memory~sheesh!! hugs, B

Trina said...

Not our house but my Mother-In-Law's. In fact I am sitting in her hospital room right now. Don't know where she is. The bed and her both are gone. They must be doing more test.