Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Babies cause braces

Ok i am not trying to ignore my blog. It just that not much is going on. We took my mammaw to the omni imax to see a grand canyon movie. Then i have been working,still not used to full time work. And now what little crafty bits i have been trying to finish up will have to wait longer. I was putting a baby down in the crib when i felt a tendon in my wrist pop. So i am in my ols reliable wrist brace for a week. UNluckily for me i have done this around six times so i know what it feels like and how to treat it. If it is still bothering me in a week then i will go to the doctor because that will be tendonitist setting in, and he can shove a needle in there and pump it full of steroids. I did tell you i have done this before.

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Bonne said...

arrgghhh!!!!!!! I'd be helpless w/o both my hands right now~garden is started to produce and in a couple weeks I'll be tired of picking.