Sunday, July 19, 2009

Way to go sis!

I have a history of shitty birthdays, 16 had to go bowling with my drunk father(I LOATHE bowling) 18 had to bail my mom out of jail, 19 my niece got ran over, 21 first car wreck and it just keeps going, up until last year when we had to sell our house and hubby got fired.
Well this year looks to be different!!!
My sister called last night and asked if we wanted to go to the ZZ Top/Aerosmith concert tonight, of course I replied HELL YEAH!!!
Some guy she works with had 4 tickets and then something came up and they can't go so he GAVE them to my sister and her boyfriend, so they called and invited us!
And the best part is Ronnie is actually going to go!!!
Usually I have to beg him and the only ones he agrees to is Jimmy Buffett and Rob Zombie but he is excited about seeing ZZ Top!
Anyway this week is looking to be a good one!!!

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